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About MagStrainer

MagStrainer is a product developed by PRM Filtration. PRM Filtration, a U.S. based company located in Butner, North Carolina, is a pioneer and leader in the area of environmental remediation and one of the nation's leading providers of industrial-grade parts, supplies, and equipment in varied filtration technologies. PRM serves clients throughout the United States and world. PRM is one of the nation’s only Equipment Integrators who is Third Party Certified to manufacture its Treatment Systems and Equipment to UL and NFPA standards. PRM provides equipment and services to the Remediation and Landfill Gas Industries. PRM also serves several niche industries with customized research and development solutions. MagStrainer is one such product developed for the hydronics industry and many others.


As a company, PRM has dedicated itself to environmentally friendly technologies and implementation. MagStrainer was developed and engineered with the same environmental focus. MagStrainer ensures the safety of water systems and helps conserve and sustain complex water systems for life extension, thus benefiting and stewarding those resources, reducing the impact of replacement and disposal of old systems. MagStrainer filtration products requires no consumable or disposable products. 

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