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MagStrainer H1

Industrial Inline or Sidestream Filter

Magnetic Filter Drawing
Filter Housing
MagStrainer H1 Ultra Top

MagStrainer H1 Ultra Top


The unique and innovative MagStrainer H1 series is set to revolutionize magnetic filtration. The H1 can work with virtually any size pipe, thus it's ideal for smaller commercial systems to the largest of industrial systems for factories, hospitals, and other building complexes. The H1 is designed to work as a full flow or inline component or as a sidestream filter depending on the need and application. Utilizing MagStrainer advanced technology, the H1 removes nearly 100% of magnetite and other unwanted debris from hydronic systems. The filter uses long Neodymium high intensity magnetic rods. The H1 captures visible and submicronic magnetite (iron oxide) and other non-magnetic contaminants (scale) and collects them in the filter.


Stop Destructive Corrosion and Heating System Damage

H1 magnetic filters capture existing contamination, prevent further buildup, increases system efficiency thus lowering costs, protect boilers and ECM heat pumps, prevents “cold spots” in the systems, extend the long term life of these systems, and reduce maintenance overall.


How it Works

The core feature of the H1 is a set of powerful, high intensity magnetic rods. The magnet assembly is contained within a filtration bag (available in different micron tolerances). As the water flows through the filter, magnetite along with other matter gets drawn to the magnets and collects on the magnets. The water continues to flow through. The H1 is easily cleaned. Periodically the magnet assembly gets pulled from the unit and the black sludge washed off and removed. The filtration bag is also removed from the housing and replaced with a new bag filter.

Innovative Features of MagStrainer H1

Three Systems in One

The MagStrainer H1s are housed in stainless steel filter housings of various sizes. Each unit contains the longest powerful magnet assembly available today, a bag filter, and the unit can serve as a pot feeder for chemical dosing applications for hydronic systems.


Built for the Largest of Pipes

Current magnet filter systems in the market will not accommodate any pipe systems larger than 12”. The MagStrainer H1 filters can be implemented in systems that range from 12” to 32”. Larger systems can be prepared and manufactured to go on skids and then delivered to your location.

High Pressure / High Temperature Models

H1 Ultras can work with extremely high pressures (300 psi +) and high temperatures (306º to 450ºF / 150º to 232ºC.


Completely Customizable

MagStrainer H1 filters are assembled in our factory in Butner, North Carolina. We can built to suit to accommodate unique requirement variables such as water pressure, temperature, different sized inflow and outflow pipes, unique size requirements. We offer a wide range of styles for housings including portable units and ones on skids.


Other Features

  • Compatible with all heating systems

  • Very easy to install

  • Low system downtime during installation

  • Easy to maintain

  • Includes bag filter

  • Also serves as a chemical pot feeder

  • Includes bag filter for capturing other debris

  • Easy to clean

  • Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets (12,000 Gauss)

  • Full flow inline or Sidestream filter

  • Flow Rate ranges up to 3500 gpm for 32”

  • Fits into horizontal pipe systems

  • All valves and fittings included

  • Available in all ranges of pipe

  • Customizable

  • Temperature: -32º to 450ºF / -35.5º - 232ºC

  • Operating pressure: 0 to 300

  • Large collection reservoir

System Diagrams

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