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MagStrainer Advantages




Large Pipe Applications

MagStrainer is the only product on the market that is not limited by size. Our filters can be placed on pipes as large as 32"


High Pressure / High Temp

MagStrainer offers the highest pressure and highest temperature systems on the market. Our H1 Ultra filters are designed for high intensity applications.

Consultation Built In

When you work with MagStrainer you are not only getting a superior product, you are getting our expert consultation available for testing, specifying, installation, and ongoing operations. 


We Help You Configure

Seeing is believing. Our system plan gallery gives you all the tools you need to identify comparable projects and applications. Our plans give you a running start to make your system hum.

Rare Earth Magnets

Our magnets are the most powerful magnets available on the market today. MagStrainer filters utilize Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets (12,000 Gauss).


Three in One

Our MagStrainer H1 systems represent a breakthrough in innovation for magnetic filter technology. Our three in one system incorporates powerful magnets, an included bag filter, and the units also serve chemical pot feeders.


Place in Existing Filter Assemblies

MagStrainer filters are designed to fit in standard filtration housing assemblies. The advantage is you can acquire just the filter and it will work with your existing assembly. You get a tremendous upside advantage of an investment already made, with little to no system down time.

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