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Technology Partner Program (TPP)

Partnering for Innovation and Product Expansion

MagStrainer technology and products can be added to the offerings of boiler and pump manufacturers right out of the gate. The MagStrainer filters add a great feature for customers. MagStrainers can offer three main advantages:

  1. Clean Existing Water: If a new boiler or pump is being installed on an existing system, the MagStrainer can clean the existing water of magnetite and other contaminants.

  2. Offer Strong Prevention and Preservation: The MagStrainer filter will put a preventative component into the system right from the beginning. The longest life of the boiler or pump is guaranteed through the preventative benefits of MagStrainer

  3. Reduce Warranty Claims: The harmful effects of magnetite have been shown to negatively impact functioning of ECM pumps in a matter of weeks. When the manufacturer, wholesaler, or contractor is installing a product, there is often no awareness of the conditions of the water or existing system. The MagStrainer filters help stop immediate problems from occurring if there is a ferrous oxide issue. This helps to stop problems and limits warranty claims.

Who Does MagStrainer Partner with?

  • Boiler Manufacturers - MagStrainer can partner with you for just the right solution for intervention and prevention for new and existing field-based units. 

  • Pump Manufacturers - We can help pump manufacturers bundle inline units with new product sales or offer programs to install MagStrainer filters to existing systems.

  • Other Industries - MagStrainer technology can work within any industry where ferrous-based material needs separated from liquids such as oils, fuels, hydraulic fluid, and many others. We will partner with you to develop the best solution for your application. 


OEM Opportunities

MagStrainer filters can be private labeled for direct product sales or for inclusion in larger product bundles. 

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