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Advanced Magnetic Filtration Technology

The problem of contamination of magnetite is not exclusively a problem with the hydronics industry. It extends to many industries. We develop and apply MagStrainer technology to produce diverse solutions. 

Filtration in fuel systems, industrial machinery, HVAC systems, and others is essential to achieving optimum performance, reliability, and system component longevity. Particle separation is essential to maintain fluid flow and lubrication. Magnet filters play a prominent role in the separation of ferrous solids from fluid streams. MagStrainer's innovations and adaptability in the area of size, magnetic power, and extreme tolerances for temperature, pressure, and other variables, create powerful design options for a wide array of commercial and industrial applications. 

Industries Served

  • Hydronics

  • Fuel:

    • Petroleum

    • Oil

    • Natural Gas​
    • Propane (LP)

  • CNC​

  • Machine Shops

  • HVAC

  • Automotive

  • Hydraulics

We Consult and Develop New Applications for MagStrainer Technology

Have a need or challenge? Contact us for consultation. Since 1990, PRM Filtration, the parent company for MagStrainer, has developed and deployed customized remediation equipment solutions throughout the United States. We are here to help you solve your filtration challenges.

Need Our Assistance? Give Us a Call Now!
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